Frequently asked questions


What does By Day do?

Adaptability is at the heart of what we do. For our clients, that means effortlessly finding the right people at the right moment. For our consultants, it means finding rewarding projects that allow them to work flexibly, and often remotely. We think it's the smartest, most progressive way to work.



How does By Day benefit my business?

Hiring (or trying to) can be hugely time-consuming – that's energy you could be using to grow your business. Recruiting long-term staff can leave you over-stretched. By Day steps in to solve your talent gaps swiftly and efficiently, often finding you the kind of expertise that might otherwise have been out of reach, so you can use your resources as wisely as possible.



Who are By Day's consultants?

Our consultants are professionals from a wide variety of sectors, with a minimum of five (but often more than 10) years' experience. They've built impressive credentials and portfolios, often to management-level or above. At this stage of their careers, they've opted to look beyond permanent roles for more flexible opportunities, whether that's short-term contracts, remote working or project-based challenges. We get to know each one of them, and we're completely confident that the consultants we introduce you to are ready to make a difference to your business.



Which sectors or roles do you deal with?

Take a look at our Clients page to get a sense of the sectors we span. In terms of roles, we specialise in mid- and senior-management-level requirements. Our highly experienced consultants can come on board to either lead a project or collaborate with a team. Whether it’s extra capacity or specialist knowledge you need, we’ll help you build the ideal team.



How is By Day different?

The quality of our consultants is what really sets us apart. These are self-motivated individuals with remarkable CVs who are passionate about what they do, but might otherwise be hard to find or prohibitively pricey. We thoroughly vet each of our consultants and get to know them personally, so simply tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. We're also proud of our relationships. Our clients trust us to intuit what they need and conjure just the right person – and because we do, they keep coming back.



What's the process for finding a consultant?

First, share your brief with us. We'll ask you any additional questions we have, and within a week we'll send you our handpicked selection of consultants to consider. We can help set up interviews, agree terms, and any other part of the hiring process you'd like our involvement in. If your company has a standard hiring procedure, you can use this process to move forwards, too. The final agreement is between you and your consultant, and you pay them directly in accordance with your agreement or project scope.



How quickly can By Day work?

Ordinarily, we require up to a week to put together consultant profiles to meet your brief. But one of the benefits of knowing both our clients and our consultants so thoroughly is that we can often respond even more nimbly than this – and we’ll always do our best to work within your timelines.



Do I have to work with By Day after once I've submitted a brief?

No – you're under no obligation to work with us (though we hope you'll want to!). Submitting your brief is completely free – you only pay us once we’ve found your perfect consultant.



What are By Day's payment terms?

Clients pay an introduction fee per project, which depends on the total project cost. Payment is due within 14 days of our invoice, or on the day the project starts, whichever is soonest. The contract for the work itself is between you and your consultant, and you’ll pay them directly. Our service is flexible, so if you decide to keep working together beyond the initial project, we’ll just adjust our original fee.


For a price list, please get in touch or share your project brief and we'll get right back to you.